Avery Lodge
2D Jalan Papan, #02-01, Avery Lodge, S’pore 619415

The contemporary façade of these six-story apartment blocks and an attractive frontage greet you as you take a leisurely stroll by the riverside, soaking in the sights of the pure, understated charm of home. Welcome to the Avery Lodge, Singapore’s most upmarket and modern dormitory.

More than just a roof over their heads, Avery Lodge’s 486 spacious units each offers your employees their own living room space, dining and kitchen areas. Its high ceilings and bay windows further accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. With modern facilities and recreation at the doorstep, Avery Lodge can offer residents a lifestyle of relaxation and comfort.

Located on a two-hectare site facing the Jurong River, Avery Lodge is the ideal accommodation for workers working in the shipyards and marine industry in the Jurong area. It has the capacity to house a close-knitted community of 8,000 workers. The lodge comes with its own minimart and canteen which offer convenience for its residents, and also a state-of-the-art biometric security system for an added peace of mind.

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